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Why the name "Lemon Sky Photography?" Embracing Life's Beautiful Contrasts

Hello, Lauren here. One question I've been asked many times over the years is "Why did you name your photography business "Lemon Sky"?

Well the short answer is, Lemon Sky Photography is not just a pretty name. It's a sentiment, a journey, and an ode to life's beautiful contradictions.

Let me share with you how the name "Lemon Sky" came to us one stormy night back in February 2014.

After the birth of my first child, and an uneventful pregnancy, we had it pretty easy back then. Everything changed in 2013 when, after a difficult loss, I became pregnant with our son, Noah.

To say this pregnancy was a challenge is an understatement. It was a high risk journey with many medical interventions. As you can imagine (and possibly even have experiences something similar yourself), we were living on eggshells. I've certainly felt better health-wise. The entire time, we were repeatedly reminded of the unpredictability of life. It was a gruelling experience that was filled with alternating moments of despair and hope.

This journey alone led us to re-evaluate what truly mattered.

Enter Noah, our rainbow baby and ray of sunshine during a stormy February night at 3am. He was healthy! The relief was immeasurable. The circumstances of his birth, amidst those torrential floods in England, might remind one of another famous Noah, but that's just a serendipitous coincidence - we had the name in our hearts long before he was born.

As I breathed a sign of relief and cradled my new healthy baby, coming to terms with the previous months of unknown washed over me like tidal waves. But feeling those troubles melt away, knowing this gorgeous babe was healthy, was more than I could have dreamed of. Sitting in that quiet hospital bed in a still room (which only moments before had been a flurry of doctors and people), my husband James and I glanced out of the window. Dawn was breaking and we witnessed something magical...

The sky painted itself in hues of lemon between the rain clouds, creating a breath-taking, surreal palette across the horizon.

This was not just any morning. This was a sign, a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and the unexpected beauty that life offers even in turbulent times. In that ethereal lemon-hued dawn, as we cradled Noah, our 'Lemon Sky Moment' was born.

It signified to us that after every storm, there is a burst of refreshing, hopeful clarity. A moment where everything feels alright, even if just for a while.

And thus, Lemon Sky Photography was born, along with our relief and renewed dreams for the future. For us, the name encapsulates our journey of rediscovering life. It’s an emblem of our decision to step away from the maddening rush, to appreciate the tiny, invaluable moments, and to prioritize living in the present.

Fast forward nearly a decade to the present. As parents to four vibrant children and multi-award-winning photographers, we've journeyed through numerous experiences – both personally and professionally.

Our Lemon Sky brand is a heart-felt tribute to those delicate intervals in life that remind us of the beauty amidst chaos. We believe that life's contrasts – the sour and the sweet, the stormy and the serene – are what make our experiences rich and worth cherishing. Through our lenses, we aim to capture these nuances and contrasts that make each moment unique.

Join us and let's celebrate your 'Lemon Sky Moments'. Let's cherish the imperfections, the surprising turns, and the simple, heartfelt moments that make life truly beautiful.

Lauren xox


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