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Baby Iris | Newborn Baby Photographer Isle Of Wight

Lauren Bennett Tippins is a Newborn baby photographer in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Welcome to the Lemon Sky Photography Studio blog


Baby Iris's newborn photo session at 27 days old.

At the Lemon Sky Photography studio in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, we offer newborn baby photoshoots for babies between 5 - 30 days old. The best time to book is before baby is born to ensure you're in our calendar for baby's due month. Little Iris was booked in before she arrived, so we had plenty of time to plan her first photo session. And luckily she was because she arrived 3 weeks early! You can find out more about our newborn baby photo shoots here.

timeless baby portrait on isle of wight

We welcomed Iris into the studio at 27 days old, but just a few days corrected age. As the first baby in our new Isle of Wight photography studio, Iris will always hold a special place in our hearts. Such a tiny poppet with a huge personality, we hope you enjoy this blog post and a little behind the scenes at baby's first photo shoot.

Iris Lilly-Rose Kerslake arrived into the world on 20th May 2023 at 10:56am weighing a cute 6lb 4oz. With 5 big brothers and sisters, Iris has enjoyed all the attention, cuddles and snuggles a little girl could wish for. Iris arrived for her session with Mummy and Daddy bright-eyed and bushy tailed (Iris that is, I think her parents needed a coffee!).

After a big bottle, some play time and an outfit change into one of our gorgeous boho rompers, Iris began to get a little sleepy. Not to be defeated though, she stayed awake for another 20 minutes to see what all the fuss was about and was especially fascinated with her Daddy's face.

newborn baby yawning, photography ryde isle of wight

Talking of outfit changes, At Lemon Sky Photography, we provide any outfits choices you need for your photoshoot to compliment your finished photo gallery. Your newborn baby photos will become some of the most treasured possessions you own and will only grow in sentimental value as the years go by, so outfit choices are very important. Iris's Mum, Adrianne, looked so stunning in one of our Mii-Estilo boho gowns with delicate lace.

Here is the beautiful family in the boho corner of the Lemon Sky Photography Studio, Iris couldn't stop gazing at daddy and though she was only 27 days old, she moved her head to follow him as he moved around the room. Daddy's girl much? I think so!

family photography studio isle of wight

Creative Posed Baby Photography (Isle Of Wight)

When Iris finally gave into sleep, the creative baby photography posing could begin. At Lemon Sky Photography we are fully trained in the art of safe newborn posing for photography. We work with each baby individually to ensure babe is comfortable throughout their photo session. Our shoots are entirely baby-led which means we follow baby's cues to keep them comfortable and content throughout.

Because of this, a newborn session can normally take 2-4 hours with sometimes very little of that time actually spent photographing if baby wants to feed or snuggle a lot! Well, Iris decided as the first baby in our new Ryde Photography Studio she was going to set the bar. Once sleeping, she was so content posing that we were able to complete her whole session in under an hour. Thanks Iris!

At Lemon Sky Photography, we adore creative Newborn Photography. Here's little Iris' birth announcement in the vintage scales. That beautiful smile really completes this portrait!

baby photographer isle of wight photo studio

As your newborn photographer, Lauren (hiiii), I'm responsible for posing and photographing baby. I'm a multi-award winning digital artist and photography tutor, so I am always looking for creative ways to compliment your newborn photography session with art that will print beautifully for the nursery wall or your photo albums.

I am passionate about the art of composite photography and baby safety, so little Iris was photographed on the comfortable Mother-Bean baby posing beanbag for this vintage scales newborn photograph. Here's the original shot below, which was also included in Iris's gallery. Too cute!

newborn baby photography ryde isle of wight

Talking of creative photography, Iris posed so beautifully for the Lemon Sky Signature Balloon portrait. What a perfect little soul!

newborn photographer isle of wight lemon sky hot air balloon baby shot

cute newborn baby photography isle of wight ryde lemon sky

Timeless Baby Photography (Isle of Wight)

After Iris' styled photos, it was time to pose with her Mummy and Daddy in the studio. Iris decided to wake up at this point for a top up (it's thirsty work being a model!).

As parents to a little newborn, having you photograph taken can sometimes feel low on your list of priorities. But I'm yet to meet anyone who regretted this! I'm so glad Adrianne and Ben got in the picture with Iris, so she can look back in years to come and see how teeny and loved she was from the moment she was born.

artistic family photography isle of wight studio

family and baby photographer isle of wight

lemon sky photography ryde

Iris's Newborn Photo Session was such a special occasion for everyone and now she has a gorgeous album of portraits to look back on. Adrianne offered such kind words after Iris's photo session, customer reviews mean the world to us and we are so grateful to have been chosen to take baby's first portraits.

review for photographer in isle of wight
"My beautiful girl.. I honestly cannot recommend Lauren Bennett Tippins at Lemon Sky Photography enough... lovely calm friendly environment.. my little pudding settled in so well and the shoot was a breeze.. I am so self conscious since birth and honestly thought I'd hate every pic I was in but I loved every single one... Lauren thinks of everything including drinks, hot and cold and snacks.. every small detail thought of. The equipment.. the props etc there was such a huge range.. the studio was lovely and warm making stripping baby off comfortable. I felt totally at ease and comfortable as did my partner and baby and we loved every second of it.. the results were second to none... xx"

We will look forward to meeting Iris again for her milestone/sitter portraits and cannot wait to see how she has grown in that time. Iris, thank you for being such a perfect little model and our first baby in the new Ryde Photography Studio!

Lauren xoxoxo


To find out more about our posed newborn baby and family portrait photography studio on the Isle of Wight, please visit


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