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Willow Rose Kennedy - First Year

Huge blue eyes, a cheeky smile and a shock of long red hair - Funny, sweet natured and a little bit mischievous, Willow Rose is as beautiful inside as she is out. A bright little girl who it only takes seconds to fall in love with!

James and I have been so blessed to follow her first year in photographs, from pregnancy to first birthday and to see not just Willow Rose, but her lovely little family grow together. Though the weeks can drag when you are expecting your baby, the months fly by and before you know it your pregnancy and those first baby months are a hazy memory - time really does pass too quickly.

Ashley's Maternity Session| Week 35 | 27th June 2015

We first met Ashley and Rory when they were 35 weeks into Willow's pregnancy. They were keeping baby's sex as a surprise, it's always exciting when you don't know if babe will be pink or blue! Gorgeous Ashley couldn't have been more stunning at her Maternity session with her neat little bump and gorgeous figure. She could still pose beautifully and was such a natural to photograph.

Willow Rose Kennedy| 10th August 2015 | 7lb 5oz | Here she is at 12 days new

Willow Rose arrived 4 days past her due date, with a mop of gorgeous dark red hair! She was super chilled at her photo session, just like her Mummy and an absolute joy to photograph. Willow was such a smiley, content little soul. Many little ones loose their hair after the first few weeks, but Willow's just kept getting longer!

8th April 2016 | Nearly 8 months old

A confident little giggler, Willow totally played to the camera at her 8 month Milestone session. What an absolute little treasure! We adore this shot of Willow below, posing with her 40x30 Canvas Art Block - a moment frozen in time that will never get old. You can read complete Willow's milestone photography session blog here


27th August 2016 | 1 Year Old

As the huge pink first birthday cupcake was placed in front of her, little Willow Rose paused for a second - eyebrows raised in shock above crystal blue eyes into her dazzling red hair, she wasn't quite sure what to do! It only took a moment, though, for her to delicately reach out and push her finger into the icing. Willow's mummy Ashley loves baking home-made cupcakes, so Willow is no stranger to a tasty treat! She soon got into the swing of her First Birthday cake Smash, as you can see from the photographs below....


Splash Time and bubbles... Willow's Favourite part of the session

That first year getting to know your little baby is the best year of your life. You feel love like you never knew could exist, you feel more exhausted than you ever did on wild nights out. Your heart can break so much easier than it did before and you get to experience life all over again, through your child's eyes.

Capturing a tiny moment of these memories is such a reward for James and I... We laugh, we cry and we treasure every moment! We felt so very blessed when Ashley quietly slipped a card through our letter box a few weeks after Willow's last shoot with us:

"Lauren & James. Thank you so much for capturing the first year of Willow's life in such a perfect way. We can't thank you enough for the beautiful work you do.

From the very first session with Willow you showed Patience and gentle care when positioning her, you can see just how much you love what you're doing. I think every one of your slideshows has brought tears to my eyes!

The images have blown us away every time.

We can't wait to put up our Willow gallery in our new home.

Thank you again! I'm sure we'll be back for baby number 2 :-)

Ashley & Rory xx"

No, Ashley Rory and Willow - thank YOU for choosing us and allowing us to be part of such a special journey.

Lauren & James


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