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Hello, I'm Lauren. Your photographer at Lemon Sky Photography

Combining the beauty of new life with artistic photography, Lemon Sky Photography Ltd was born out of love and passion in 2014.


I have been fortunate to capture some of the most precious of moments in family life. Specializing in maternity, newborn and baby photography, we set ourselves apart by offering a full photography service that is customizable to suit your needs. 

No two families or babies are alike which makes newborn photography so wonderful! 


Having a child is one of the most life-changing, beautiful things that will happen to you. We understand how blurry those first weeks are with a newborn, so we created Lemon Sky to make your photography experience relaxing, high quality and a memory in itself to treasure.

Our cosy studio is set up is located at Ryde Highstreet (Isle of Wight Hampshire) and by coming to us, you get the best of both worlds: a relaxing, friendly environment that boutique "studio" quality. 

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We have a large collection of props, setups and colour schemes for you to choose from: from hats, wraps and headbands, to baskets, buckets and more. In fact, we have a bit of an addiction to vintage, handmade and unique studio portrait props and setups.

We look forward to meeting your family and capturing these precious moments for you in a series of fine-art, unique images you can keep close to your heart forever.


Memories matter. Growing up I remember my parent's wall of photographs. Seriously, it was a wall. You couldn't even see the floral wallpaper behind for the jumble of mismatched frames crammed corner to corner. Mostly me and my sister through the ages, as gappy-toothed babies in matching outfits or smiling awkwardly through braces in school photographs.


As a child I used to adore looking at these photographs and enjoy the comfort and security of knowing how proud my parents must have been to display our images. These were perfectly imperfect snapshots of a childhood going by too quickly. At some friend's houses I noticed store-bought genetic photos of cats or vases that went with the room decor but it felt sterile and replaceable.


As a teen I used to roll my eyes as yet another photo was added to the wall. But as a mother myself now, I understand more than ever the importance of these photographs. Oh boy do I understand.


Now some of these frames and albums are nearing 40 years old and the images protected inside are still as fresh as could be. I'm grateful there were no digital options then that we couldn't access even if we tried!

Memories are worth more than just grainy mobile phone snaps or hidden away on hard drives or the cloud that may not even function in the years to come with ever-changing technology (remember floppy discs? Cassettes? Mini Discs? Or USB1?). This is why I am passionate about capturing adorable and heart-warming images in print you'll cherish now and pass down to your children to treasure in years to come. And their own children's children will keep these printed heirlooms for the sentimental family history. 


A LITTLE RANDOM: I used to sail the seven seas with captain hook and lived next door to Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. I worked for Disney cruise lines for years as an entertainer prior to becoming a mother (though my own children don't believe me!)


I have always been an artist, first with pencil and charcoal resulting in two solo art exhibitions (each lasting 2 weeks solid) before going over to digital mediums as a qualified graphic designer prior to photography.

I am an animal-loving chocoholic with an uncanny ability to try to get out of cars with my seatbelt still on and I'm a dab hand at forgetting what I walked into a room for.


I can't wait to meet you soon.



Hi. We are James and Lauren. Multi award winning published photographers and parents ourselves to four spirited young children.

Both artists and photographers, we have both operated our own, individual creative businesses for a long time now.  

After a rocky and at times, touch-and-go pregnancy, we were hit with the realisation that life was for living. We made the decision to combine the beautiful, personal elements of our individual businesses and life long careers in creativity and founded Lemon Sky Photography shortly after the birth of our Son, Noah.


The decision was not hard at all - in fact, it seemed like the most natural move in the world for us. Noah arrived in the world in February when the floods and rain were torrential (and no, he is not named after 'that' Noah!). 


As we held him in our arms and the struggles of the pregnancy melted away, the dawn broke and the sky turned a cool and surreal lemon colour (as it does that time of year between the rain clouds) and at that exact moment, we knew everything was going to be ok... This was our Lemon Sky Moment.

After this, we stopped taking life for granted, jumped away from the fast lane and lived for those cherished, small moments instead...  it was only fitting we named our beautiful little business Lemon Sky! We chose to live in the 'now' and make each day count. 


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