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Q. When should I book?

We have very limited availability, so please pop us a message as soon as you can.


For Newborn and Maternity Photography, we take bookings from your 12 week scan, so please contact us when you are still pregnant and let us know your due date so we can check availability. We will then send you our full pricing information and let you know what to do next!



Q. How long does a session take?

Your session will be at our high street studio in Ryde (Isle of Wight). We don't rush you and make sure you enjoy every moment of your time here! A maternity session will last between 1 - 1.5 hours. A newborn session tends to take a little longer, to allow plenty of time for feeding and settling baby. You can expect your newborn session to last between 2 - 4 hours. You'll find this time goes very quickly! Many parents say it's the first time they've been able to enjoy a hot cup of tea since baby arrived.



Q. How can I make sure my baby has a great experience? 

We take photographs of how your baby is on that day. We want your experience with us to become a treasured memory and above all, we want you to all feel relaxed and comfortable. After booking, you will be sent a "session preparation" guide via email which has some tips and tricks you can try at home beforehand with baby. 



Q. I dont feel very "photogenic"...

Firstly, completely and utterly normal! Lauren is here to capture your best angles and pose you professionally, whether this is your first photoshoot or you've been in front of the lens before. Our bodies change, our mood changes, and this is the beauty of a photoshoot. You are capturing memories to keep for a lifetime and to also hang on your wall, so please don't worry because we are very used to jitters and nerves prior to your photoshoot. We keep communication open before, during and after your session with us. One thing we will say is: You will NEVER regret having your photo taken. And in the years to come, these photos will only become more precious (especially for your children and family).


Q. What if I feel self-consious about breastfeeding?

If you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, it can be a worrying thought feeding "in public" in the beginning. Breastfeeding is totally normalised in our studio (and also in our family, Lauren has breastfed all four of her children including twins), so please don't worry or feel anxious. You may find baby wishes to feed little & often whilst here, which is very normal for both breast and bottle-fed babies during their photo session.


Q. I want my other children to be in the photos, but I'm afraid they won't want to join in? 

Young Children can be unpredictable in a studio environment, so we recommend keeping talk of the "photoshoot" light and breezy, wihtout putting pressure on them to smile or sit still. Keep them rested and calm beforehand if you can and bring some fruit or favourite little treats with you. We suggest they come with you for the first hour of your session, then have a relative take them off to do something fun while we continue your session with new baby. Our cosy home studio is very small and will be very warm for your newborn -  and not a fun place for children to stay and sit still!! Please do let us know you plan to include your older child(ren) upon booking so we can plan your session around them 

Q. Will you edit out blemishes or anything else I don't want in my finished gallery?

The final images you view are professionally retouched and enhanced by hand to remove blemishes or marks that wouldn't normally be there.

We shoot for sharpness! This brings out all the little details of baby like their precious eyelashes and whispy hair... But this will also enhance every newborn spot and flake, so we will then soften and lighten red blotches, skin flakes or spots to bring out the natural complexion of your little baby.
We edit each of your images by hand and this process is totally unique to your session! When it comes to your maternity photographs, we can take away stretchmarks or cellulite if requested but we prefer to light and pose you in a way that doesn't need editing. This way, when you see your images you will know that this is the natural you - and you're beautiful! Unless you request it, we don't remove birth marks or defining features.



Q. How many images will I view?

Ir depends on which package you have chosen. After your session, we aim to provide you with around 15 - 20 fully retouched images to view at your Preview & Ordering appointment. Depending on the shoot this can be a little more or a little less. Even though you'll see us "snapping away", many photos are duplicates or blinks, or test shots. We find our clients value that one "WOW" piece to hang on their wall and treasure for a lifetime, so each image you view will be designed as a center piece. We don't want to overwhelm you with too many similar shots.


You will view your selection of coloured and black & white finished pieces at your personal Preview & Ordering appointment with us, scheduled a few days after your shoot.



Q. Do I get all the images, or do I have to buy photos separately?

This is a question we are asked very often. Please read our price guide to see what is included in your chosen package. Your session fee is for the photoshoot only. You can purchase additional images, wall art or prints after your session if you so wish.

We take your memories very seriously and provide a high-class photography experience for you. Everything we offer is not something you could get on the high street. There is no pressure to buy any additional images at all.


Q. Will I get copyright of the photographs? 

As the artist and creator of your images, Lemon Sky Photography Ltd will always legally retain full copyright of all photographs taken. This protects the privacy of your images, as your images remain insured and protected by our cover. This is standard practice and very normal. However, you will receive a full Print Release Permission form to accompany your purchased images, meaning you are able to share, print, replicate and duplicate your chosen images as many times as you like for personal use! Lemon Sky will not use images online of you or your child without your signed permission.



Q. Can I share my images on facebook? 

Many of our clients are excited to share their images with their facebook friends! After your session, we can post a "sneak peek" image to our Lemon Sky facebook page if you request we do so. This is one fully edited image that you are able to tag yourself and the family in, which will then appear on your profile! (This image isn't for downloading or cropping). 


We provide you with a set of watermarked "web size" images to share online when you purchase any high resolution images for print. These are perfectly sized to look lovely online and are watermarked for your protection as this stops your images being copied or stolen.



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