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Russ Jackson - our mentoring day with Russ |

James and I are always looking to improve our photography and the level of the art we can offer our clients. We've both long admired Russ from Russ Jackson Photography (gorgeous fine art newborn and family photography) and were so excited when he said he could come down to Portsmouth and join us at Lemon Sky for the day to work on some of the finer points of our photography! Russ travelled down from his studio in London, set in a gorgeous Victorian building, bringing a HUGE umbrella light and his bag of tricks on the train. The day was jam-packed from the word go, we didn't stop from 9am until 7pm!

Our first model of the day was beautiful baby boy Marty.

All babies are special and unique, but Marty even more so! He has a "little ear" - a little bit like Nemo's lucky fin. Some people have birth-marks to make them that little bit more special and stand out, Marty has his ear and I hope he grows to be proud of it! A real personality already and oh-so-many baby rolls, this little guy had us in fits of laughter throughout his time in the studio. Marty helped us nail a different style of lighting and shooting angle, just look at that little face. Mummy and Daddy, who are both sporty and adventurous were both the picture of health and so natural in front of the camera with their little man!

Second up for model duty was beautiful 8 day old Viviana - the spitting image of her Daddy!

Viviana loved being all wrapped up with her little hand poking out. Viviana is a really delicate little soul, but with a feisty personality to boot! Viviana helped us to nail "front posing in props" and backlighting and behaved like the perfect little lady. Gorgeous Mummy & Daddy were pros in front of the camera too and seemed to know exactly how we needed them to pose without us even saying the words.

We want to thank Russ for taking the time to travel down to us for the day - we enjoyed every moment. Warm, friendly and a natural mentor, we would seriously recommend his skills to any photographer looking to work on and tweak their photography skills. Beginners and pros alike (any anyone in-between!) will get so much from training with Russ. Thank you Russ, and also to Sarah, Christian, Marty, Jazz, Matt & Viviana for a thouroughly enjoyable day at Lemon Sky Lauren & James xxx Find out more about our newborn photography in portsmouth here: Find out more about Russ Jackson Photography and his training here: |

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