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Riley's Cake Smash | First Year Birthday

At 13 days old, Riley Davenport came to visit us for his newborn session. Wide awake and *very* aware, he just didn't want to sleep! He'd had a busy morning that day, having his name officially registered on his birth certificate and decided that he wanted to stay awake in case he missed anything interesting! Not that we minded - he had the biggest blue eyes. He decided to sleep the last part of his newborn session and got Mummy & Daddy their sleepy curled up shots, including a beautiful shot of him in their hands - sleeping contently. Riley came back to see us at 7 months old - he could sit! Full of smiles and interested in everything, it was a joy to see him again! He could just about fit in Mummy & Daddy's hands again (though sleeping was firmly out of the window - Riley doesn't think to highly of nap time). Tummy time for Riley was hilarious - he looked like he was pretending to be a little aeroplane, his arms out-stretched behind him like he was flying. The day after he turned 1, Riley came back to us for his cake smash... gosh, he'd grown! Still a little dink of a boy, but so much more grown up. Riley suspiciously eyed the cake and gingerly reached out a finger to touch the crisp blue icing... his expressions had us all in stitches. Any hesitation he had about the cake, he made up for in the bubble bath! His "OOOOOOOOO" face everytime he spotted a bubble - haha!

What a gorgeous little soul Riley is - I can't believe how quick that first year passes by, or how much a little one grows in 365 short days <3 Find out more about our FIRST KICKS TO FIRST STEPS package [here]

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