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A complete guide to parenting forum slang (Can you tell your DS from you DD?)

If you are a member of a parenting forum online or on facebook, you will regularly come across terms such as "DD" "DS" or "TMI" - but what does it all mean?

"Sorry for tmi post. My dd & ds were both cs and ff. My dh and I are ttc and I'd love to try for a vbac this time and to bf afterwards... does anyone know if it's possible to bf after 2 ff los and a cs? tia"

If posts such as this leave you scratching your head, then you're not alone! I have created and admined several baby groups on facebook over the past 4 years and often get private messages from confused mum-members asking what on earth do BF, FF or TTC mean!

Photo: FIONN by Lemon Sky Photography 2015

There are literally hundreds of abbreviations and acronyms out there, and they vary in meaning from country to country! But I have put together a list of the most commonly used slang terms in the UK:

AP: attachment parenting

BM: breastmilk

BF: breastfeeding

BLW: baby lead weaning

CS: caesarian

DS: dear son

DD: dear daughter DH: dear husband

DF: dear fiancée

EDD: estimated date of delivery (your due date)

EBM: expressed breast milk

FF: formula feeding

FTM: first time mum

FYI: for your information

IYSWIM: if you see what I mean

IMO: in my opinion

LO: little one (your child)

LOL: laughing out loud

OMG: oh my god

O'd: ovulated

PG: pregnant

SO: significant other (your partner)

TMI: too much information

WAHM: work from home mum

SAHM: stay at home mum / full time mummy

OP: original poster

So - Is it useful to know parenting jargon when it comes to forums, or would you rather everyone just spoke in plain English! Let us know what you think!

Lauren x

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