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The triplets

Beau, Noah & Florence The triplets at 8 weeks old

We had the absolute privilege of photographing 8 week old triplets Beau, Noah & Florence for their first ever photoshoot. Please scroll down to view their shoot video...

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Born on the 15th November 2014, they were born small but perfect! Beau weighed 3lbs 10, noah 3lbs 12 and Florence 3lbs exactly. When they visited us, they were 8 weeks old but as their due date would have been the 30th December, their corrected age was just 12 days old! The babies have done fantastically well, each weighing in at between 7-8lbs when we met them.

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They have such difference little personalities. Noah is laid back and funny, giving us lots of little poses and smiles - he seemed to know exactly when the camera was pointed at him! Beau may be small, but she's so feisty! Definitely a girlie-girl, she pouted prettily and loved to snuggle into my hand as I gently posed her. Florence knows her own mind already - there's no messing with this little lady and she will only do exactly what she wants to do and when she wants to do it! As they have already been in the world 8 weeks, they were far more awake than any other babies we have had the pleasure to photograph yet. They were so curious as to what we were doing and all three kept giving me the funniest looks!

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The triplets bought Mummy and Daddy with them to their session, who both looked amazing - especially considering they have three babies to look after! These little triplets are beyond beautiful and we enjoyed every second of their shoot. Congratulations again to Mummy and Daddy, Louisa and Michae, we wish you every happiness with your three bundles of joy! Lauren & James x

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