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Maternity Photography in Portsmouth - F.A.Q


Q. Where is your home studio?

Maternity photo sessions are carried out at our peaceful home studio in the PO2 area of Portsmouth (Copnor/North End). We are easy to get to off the main London Road and have residential street parking right outside. 




Q. How long will my maternity session last?

Your maternity session will last around an hour and a half. In this time frame, I will capture a variety of beautiful photographs of you to treasure forever. Please don't worry if you are self consious - the body changes so much and so quickly during your pregnancy. I will pose and light you to find the perfect angle for you. 




Q. Can my husband and older child be involved with the photos?

Yes! Your partner and other children can be included in both your maternity session and newborn session at no additional cost - these are YOUR memories and we'd encourage you all to be involved. If you would like older siblings to be involved in the newborn photo session, then please do let us know at the time of booking.

Please note: We cannot guarantee sibling shots when the child is younger than 4 years old, beacuse younger children abe unpredictable in the studio environment. As safety comes first, we cannot pose newborns with toddlers unless the toddler is happy. We start the session with sibling shots and recommend you ask a relative to collect your older child once they have had their photograph taken (usually an hour into your session).our maternity sesson!)

maternity photography portsmouth
maternity photography portsmouth

Q. Is hair and make-up included?

We find our clients prefer to style themselves for their maternity sessions. Wear your hair soft and loose, your make up done all lovely and your nails painted. It's a lovely excuse to pamper yourself before-hand and even meet with a girlfriend to help you get ready. Of course, if you would like us to book you a makeup artist, then by all means let us know and we will!


Q. What should I wear to my maternity session?

Wear under-the-bump jeans if you have a pair that is comfortable and not too tight. If not, don't worry you can wear leggings.  Bring along a set of black underwear and also a set of neutral/white underwear so you have options when it comes to our gowns (you'll be able to get changed in peace). 


Q. What should my husband and children wear?



Q. Should I bring anything else?

How about bringing along your scan photograph for a cute picture? Or maybe Nana-To-Be has knitted baby a pair of booties. Please feel free to bring absolutely anything along with you you'd like to encorporate for your session.


Q. How should I pose? I've never had a photo shoot before!

Don't worry about posing - I will direct you when you are here to make sure you get the very best photographs. It will be fun and light-hearted. There is no "right or wrong" way to pose as everyone is different!


Q. What if my stretch marks or wobbly thighs show and make me feel self consious?

Stretch marks - some embrace them and some detest them! I find all women beautiful as everyone is so different. Pregnancy IS beautiful, even if you don't feel it right now. Please talk to me beforehand if you're self consious about any part of your body. I will be able to photograph you to flatter the parts you're not too keen on and bring out the best in your strong areas. Your photographs will also be lightly airbrushed, so please do let me know if you'd prefer me to hide any stretch marks. 




Q. How much is a maternity session?

A studio maternity session is £55 and includes one 7" x 5" print. why not take advantage of our Bump To Baby offer and combine your maternity session and newborn session for £99?


Q. How much does it cost to buy prints after the session? 

Our stunning prints and canvasses have been chosen to showcase your images in the very best ay possible! Chic and durable, we will give you a long lasting and beautiful product that you just can't get on the high-street. Upon enquiring you will be sent our full price list, but for now please click here to view our basic pricing information.


Q. How do I book my place with you?

We recommend contacting us to book after your 20 week scan, while you are still pregnant to ensure your place with us. Your maternity session will be scheduled for when you are arund 8 months pregnant. For your newborn session, we pencil you in for your "due month" with a firm date settled on once baby has arrived (you let us know within 48 hours - but we can discuss this in detail at your maternity sesson!)

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